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"ENSY Consulting is the result of my efforts. Over 25 years of expertise in ICT I have faced enormous challenges, starting with financial crisis in 2002 which forced me to leave my country and my job as CTO of a major bank. I then decided to reinvent myself as a freelancer and, after a few years of sacrifice to overcome the crisis of 2009 by creating important international partnerships and attracting customers from around the world during the following years, in 2015 I gave birth to a new reality. I improved the team of IT professionals and created a Commercial Area.

By working hard and putting in first place the quality of what we were doing, we were able to grow at an annual rate of nearly 30%. Our goal for the future is to continue to invest and improve."

F. Bianchi, CEO and Founder

Company foundation 2007

After about 20 years as IT employee, mr. F. Bianchi creates his own IT activity as free lance IT consultant.

Creation of new brand 2009

To face an important project with Digital Terretrial TV with a team of interactive applications developers.

Average annual 30% growth 2009/2010

Thanks of the level of quality of our services, the number of customers and businesses of the company grow up very much.

Partnership with ITCInfotech LTD (India) 2010

Signed an agreement to provide outsourcing services, selection, profiling and IT consultants hiring for Europe and South America.

Creation of Services LTD 2012

The business grows about 100% and new employees reach the company. An external investor bacomes co-owner of the company.

First own office in Italy 2012

The owners open the first new branch in Trento Province. The company has several employees all around Europe.

Signed Technological agreements 2013

The company signs important technological agreements with companies in europe to develop several IT projects. Mr. F. Bianchi becomes the President and exclusive owner.

New Headquarters in Trento and Parma 2015/2016

The company opens the new headquarters at Trento City and Parma City and other two locations in center and south Italy. A multilingual commercial area is born.

Join Venture 2018

In january the company closes the office at Parma City and creates a Join venture with other two companies to increase the business profile and to face more important international projects. Nowadays the companies working together are 5.

New energy for Opencloud 2019

The company has grown thanks to its own Cloud technology Opencloud. The company are reaching many countries in wich the tecnology has been intalled and implemented.

This is us

F. Bianchi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

IT Engineer with over 25 years of experience. He's managed several IT critical area projects for international companies. Through the years his focus has been the processes implementation and IT Services Managing utilities based on ITIL. He has worked in Argentine, France, Italy and Spain before founding an IT company in 2007.

D. Stedile

Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer

IT Professional with over 20 years of experience in technical management, developing projects in ITC in important multinational companies. He has specific skills in the areas of IT development, implementation and deployment, as well as in management of IT supplying projects.

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