Cloud computing

Get all the benefits from OpenCloud

The OpenCloud operative system is very easy to use! Simply open a browser, enter your password and start using it just as your own computer.

OpenCloud is a web-based workspace and it aims to provide a fully operational operative system accessed by your browser. It even runs on your tablet or smartphone!

OpenCloud provides you with all the tools you need to work as an individual or a company employee

Everyone can use OpenCloud!


These are some of its benefits

  • File manager and File sharing system
  • Collaborative environment and full control of users and profiles. You can create and manage your own groups!
  • Private company Chat and videoconference environments
  • Email server included
  • Email client online (you can configure all your email accounts)
  • Microsoft and Linux applications available online
  • Fully compatible with your Microsoft AD

Register and try it for free!

Go to opencloud website!

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